Golf Lesson: Build Monster Lag w/ These Drills – Clay Ballard – The Lag Doctor

Golf Lesson: Build Monster Lag w/ These Drills – Clay Ballard – The Lag Doctor
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Golf Lesson: Build Monster Golf Swing Lag w/ These Drills (Golfs #1 Lag Instructor: The Lag Doctor)

I was recently giving a lesson and I started off by asking the same question I ask all my students. Tell me a little about your golf game, and what has been giving you trouble?
The student proceeded to tell me that he had lost all kinds of yardage. He said that before he had been hitting a seven iron 160 to 165 yards. Now his 7 iron was traveling 130-140 yards. He was losing compression, the shots were going high, and it just wasn’t fun to play anymore. I had to agree with him.

Golf sucks, when you don’t hit the ball well.

You must have two things to hit a golf ball very well. It is the two common denominators for every player on the PGA Tour. Every single player has these two things for all of their stock shots. You can’t say the same for the grip, stance, or swing plane. Without them you will never play at an elite level.

1. Lag
2. Forward Shaft Lean at Impact

Without these two pieces you can forget about swing plane, alignment, course management, equipment, or anything else you will read in golf instruction magazines or hear on TV. Without these two things, golf is zero fun.

At the start of the lesson that is precisely the problem he was having. He was losing all his lag in the golf swing, and the club was leaning slightly back at impact.

Like many students. He had the idea that he needed to “hold on” to lag in the downswing. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Once you try and hold on, it is all over. There is nothing you can do to stop the release.

His wrists were too tight and the right wrist was too dominant in the downswing. It needed to stay soft as he fired his arm down toward the ball. If he could do this then his lag would increase exponentially.

So we got to work with some drills to feel the weight of the golf club and let the club flow nicely. We began to swing the club with each arm independently. I wanted him to focus on the heavy club head flowing effortlessly as he kept the wrists soft.

Once this was done we started to work with the 9 to 3 drill. After around 30-40 minutes Kurt was hitting amazing shots, with much more compression and distance than before.
He began hitting shots with the 9 to 3 drill that were traveling just as far as his full swings had before.

Lag doesn’t have to be this mysterious thing. It is one of the simplest pieces of the golf swing. If you have the coordination to tie your shoe, you have met the requirements to have massive lag. All you have to know is what to do. If you are interested in building lag in your golf swing, click the link below and check out our premium videos.

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