Golf Lessons – Hit pure iron shots

Golf Lessons – Hit pure iron shots

Golf Lessons with Derek Hooper – Possibly the biggest challenge faced by the average golfer is the ability to hit the ball consistently solid and thus the ability hit pure iron shots. Too often players will hit the ground before the club contacts the ball or miss the ground completely and simply hit the top of the ball. Either outcome is not desirable and makes it impossible to control the golf ball and thus score well.

The key to hit pure iron shots is to learn how to move the club so that is moving slightly down as it contacts the golf ball. This ensures a more centered strike and creates a divot on the target side of the golf ball that will give you that pure shot feeling.

In this video I explain a simple drill and that you can use with any fairway shot and in any practice situation, that will have you contacting the ball first every time.

Now that you have the ability to hit pure iron shots, you may want to consider adding 20 yards to your drives. To learn how to hit your tee shots a little longer check out this video

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