Golf Swing Made Simple and Natural

Golf Swing Made Simple and Natural

How to make your golf swing easy, simple and natural.

So many golfers believe that you need a perfect golf swing to play good golf. This is not true.

Instead of having a perfect swing, golfers should focus on making their swing natural and easy. This notion is not popular in modern golf instruction, with all the swing analysers, trackmans and GPS measuring every part of the swing.

However, the way your body works in any skill, like golf, is not mechanical. Your swing will be consistent and powerful if you can stop thinking about swing mechanics, and find natural ways to swing the club.

This video is Part 2 of 12 of a golf DVD called “How to Swing Free”.
It’s about keeping the weight in your arches, instead of your balls of your feet. This helps keep your swing free, easy and natural.

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