Golf Tips – How to Get Consistent Golf Swing Tempo

Golf Tips – How to Get Consistent Golf Swing Tempo

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Golf Tips – Golf Swing Tempo

In this video I try to explain how to achieve consistent golf swing tempo. Sometimes when a player is on the golf course the first thing to leave them is their tempo. This is a critical part of playing good golf. I try to give different types of golf swing tempo tips. People with bad timing are not going to play great golf.

When playing golf, you want to be smooth and slow when hitting your shots. This is very important in that this creates the same timing each time you hit a shot. In my golf swing tempo video, i try to explain how to get this tempo and why it is important. In my own swing I am hitting shots at the same speed each time.

There are no real ways to get perfect tempo immediately. But in explaining why it is important and how you can achieve it you will then see why you need to master it. I have shown a couple of golf swing tempo drills for you to work on. I hope this helps in your game and make you play better golf.

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