How To Fix Your Golf Swing Plane (PGA PRO EXPLAINS!)

How To Fix Your Golf Swing Plane (PGA PRO EXPLAINS!)

Jim Roy shows us what he’s done throughout his golf career to keep his swing plane in check, and a few drills and feels you can start using to fix your swing plane.
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When it comes to fixing your golf swing plane, we’re mainly concerned with the position of your club from the right hip to the left hip.

We’re not concerned as much with the backswing at this point.

The fact is, we’re all built differently, and we have our own idiosyncrasies in our swing…

Even on the PGA Tour, when you look at players like Jim Furyk, Freddy Couples, and Jason Dufner, their backswings are all different, but they all arrive at impact in a fairly similar position.

To begin, you’ll always start, of course, in a good athletic position at address… and, well… Just watch the video to see how it’s done!

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