Online Golf Instruction Video: Using the wrists effectively

Online Golf Instruction Video: Using the wrists effectively

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There are tremendous forces at work, acting on both the golf club and your body. One of the most important physics concepts you need to understand to really improve your golf swing is to understand the forces of pushing vs. pulling in the golf swing.
Most golfers try to “push” everything in their golf swings. The push the golf club back with the left arm during the golf backswing and then they push with the right side during the downswing. This pushing motion feels powerful, but it causes the golfer to lose the most important force in the golf swing – leverage.

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Leverage gives the golfer the ability to multiply force exponentially without increasing effort. By using leverage in the golf swing created from the angle between our wrists and the club shaft, we have tremendous potential energy that takes very little effort on our part. This leverage is often completely thrown away, a motion referred to as casting, when the golfer pushes from the right side.

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