The wrist hinge and the release – by Grexa Golf Instruction

The wrist hinge and the release – by Grexa Golf Instruction

How your hands and wrists operate in your swing is very important. Let’s just pretend that everyone sets the club well to the top of the swing. After the club is set, it must start down. I like to call that move the transition into the down swing. Their are a few important things that must happen when you start your transition.

1. It must start off smooth – you can’t jerk the club, or start too quickly by releasing any hinge you took time set in your back swing.
2. You must try to keep the club head high in the air, while your arms and hands lower. When this happens, you’ll have plenty of wrists hinge. You should also notice that your legs and hips are moving.
3. Your hands can’t work out and away from your body too far. Ideally, you would like to try to have your hands drop towards your right thigh. They’ll never actually hit your right thigh, because you’ll be shifting and turning your hips as your hands are lowering.

These are the 3 basic moves that will help any player compress the ball better. Remember, try to get the feel and have some good drills. Finally, if you are not sure you are working on the right move for your swing, please consult your local PGA Teaching Instructor. They will be glad to get your swing on video and get you focused. You want to be confident that you are working on the right thing at the right time.

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