Top 3 Best Golf Courses Bangkok

Top 3 Best Golf Courses Bangkok

Golf is a popular game played worldwide. Bangkok gets special mention here as it has some of the unique and finest golf courses famous all across. Need more Information! Visit us online at

Here are the top 3 best golf courses worth talking about :

Alpine Golf Club

Initially the piece of land was a rice paddy field. From here one of the best and finest golf courses of Bangkok was created, the Alpine-Golf-&-Sports-Club. It offers an un-dimensional and unexpected golf challenge to its members. Ron M. Gari was the architect whose vision was to make the one & only golf course championship on a hilly area in Thailand, and that too man-made, the moment he set his foot on this 770-rai plot of flat virgin land. The impossible was made possible by growing hills that were grass covered on the flatland, on which there was an addition of specifically picked trees that were refined with very high quality sand.

Thai Country Club :

This one is one of the most prestigious golf courses in Thailand that is located slightly in the outskirts of Bangkok. This has an ideal location for playing premier golf and enjoying the associated facilities too. It has been voted as one of the best in Asia and many a times domestic and international tournaments have been held in this club. The Peninsula Hotels owns and manages the Thai Country Club and they always maintain very high standards that aims at delighting their clients with the impeccable service.

Thana City Golf and Country Club

The Thana-City-Golf-and-Country-Club is located at a 25 minutes distance from Bangkok which was created in 1993. It is spread over 6996 yards and is beautifully situated amongst serene landscape and natural lakes. There is an excellent drainage system all throughout the year for no hindrance during games. There are 800 members and it is a partially private golf course. This too, has been home for international events like Men’s Open in 1993, Kosaido Ladies Open in 1995, the 1996 Johny-Walker-Super-Tour etc.

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